About Lou

Drawing in Dublin

I didn't come to art following a straight line.

As a young girl I made endless books and magazines, moved mountains of glitter and nothing made me as happy as filling a blank page. I wrote and drew in equal amounts. As a teen, I was spontaneous and strong willed and instead of being diligent and doing an art degree, I meandered through lots of different jobs: shop assistant, design studio runner, corporate marketeer and flea market stall owner. This wiggly line brought me here.

I work on location and in my studio. My work is about all sorts of things but the common denominator is my curiosity. That may be a budgie against 60s wallpaper or a bus traveller. Often there's a story that accompanies the painting. Stories about people who are often unnoticed, personal family stories, memories behind an object or observational drawings from a visit.

I believe EVERYONE is a creator, but often as adults, we've forgotten how to access that side of ourselves. But it never goes away and is always there for us to call on. I do talks on "Being a Creator" to businesses about how people can move towards enjoying our creative resources in our lives.

I post regularly on Instagram (@loutheodore), so please follow me there to see my latest work. Or drop me an email anytime - always love hearing from people, lou@loudraws.co.uk.


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