About Me

Drawing in Lewes Road Cemetery, Brighton

I am a visual storyteller, visual journalist, observer, collector, draw-er, writer and connector. I usually only work on location, so I can document a subject first hand, whether that is a party, a parade, a city or museum.

I didn't come to here following a straight line. As a young child I made endless books and magazines, stuck mountains of glitter and nothing made me as happy as filling a blank page. Then I wrote and drew in equal amounts. As a teenager, I was spontaneous and strong willed and instead of being diligent and doing a fine art degree, I ended up meandering through lots of different jobs: shop assistant, design studio runner, corporate marketeer and flea market stall owner. This wiggly line brought me here.

I work on location, not alone in a studio. Most of my work is about the community and seeing people and things that often go unnoticed.

I like it when children watch me draw and then clamber to show me how they can do so much better.

I like to share what I do - the good and the messy.

I believe creativity is very important, especially when knowledge is now available in every browser window. It's seeing differently and making unexpected connections that adds value.


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